Here are a few ideas for articles, books and websites that may provide food for thought and help with your decision-making.


Celebrities lead the way in promoting counselling and psychotherapy

Another article on why many celebrities advocate counselling and therapy as a way of improving mental health.

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9 Famous Women Who Have Spoken Out About Therapy

Feature on why some A-listers have found therapy helpful.

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Why love matters, Sue Gerhardt. Routledge

An accessible and moving book on the science behind the ways affection shapes a baby’s brain.

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UK Council for Psychotherapy

Informative website for the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) on how to choose a therapist.

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Website for more Information on Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy: a short-term, structured form of psychotherapy that is used to treat depression and anxiety.

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The benefits of psychotherapy, Huffington Post

A range of articles with a psychotherapy/wellbeing angle.

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The British Psychoanalytic Council

A professional association and voluntary regulator of the psychoanalytic and psychotherapy professions.

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50 Greatest Positive Psychology Quotes

Some inspiring words from thinkers through the decades.

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